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Awaysoft excellent suites of business management solutions provide powerful analytics and are fully cloud-based thus cost-effective rendering retailers a competitive edge over their competitors.
Fortunately, most of the retailers are now realizing the incompetency of legacy systems and tools in achieving optimum customer experience and increased productivity. As a retail business flourishes, it is sure to generate more number of channels to integrate and connect thus, resulting in enormous amount of data to manage. This calls for a seamless, intuitive and agile ERP or CRM solution.


1. Inventory Management
2. Product Management
3. Store management
4. Promotions & Marketing
5. Reordering Management
6. Supply Chain
7. Point-of-Sale solutions
8. Mobility
9. E-commerce integration
10. Accounting


Our strong software engineering capabilities are well complemented by our thorough understanding of the fast changing dynamics of the retail industry. We develop end-to-end solutions which are flexible, scalable and affordable. We strive to enable our customers to

1. execute right pricing and promotion strategies
2. improve conversion rates across channels
3. enhance productivity
4. create cost saving efficiencies
5. maximize profitability

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